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AX Satchshift

AX SatchShift with optional brake
AX SatchShift with optional brake
AX Satchshift
AX Satchshift


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Competition gear link (SatchShift) for the Citroen AX.

A rose-jointed race spec short shift which fully replaces the original gear linkage.

The SatchShift provides more precise gear changes and a gear stick which is closer to the steering wheel to allow fast changes, and further back for comfort.

Powder coated for durability.

This kit is designed to be used with the MA gearbox, we can provide kits with conversion parts to allow use with the BE3 gearbox for an additional 20 GBP , please contact us to order.

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Product Price: £285.00
plus carriage: £8.50
total : £293.50


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